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Become a Creation Machine

Updated: Jan 4

Become a creation machine. Every breath you take, every move you make, every step you take. Create something. The opportunity to create is always there. It's up to you to notice it and take advantage of it. The other option is ruminating about some past event, which you have done many times before. I know. Productive ? Nope. Fun ? Nope. Lucrative ? Nope. Then why the hell would you do that again ? Instead of doing that... Record some sounds. Make some music. Take some photos. Write a tutorial. Shoot a mini movie. CREATE something. Or at least start putting together some ideas. Take 1 first step. You don't need to finish right away. Just start something. And the chances you will finish later on will certainly increase.  And if you don't finish it. So what ? At least you did something. Maybe you start 20 things and you finish only 1. Well, my friend. That's a success. Do not waste any more of your time ruminating about the past. Just focus on creating a better present so you will be proud and have nothing to ruminate and obsess about in the future. And be kinder to yourself. Prioritize DOING over doing perfectly. As long as you do, you are successful.

Keep doing. do do do do.

Keep moving. Move move move move.

keep creating. Create create create create.

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